Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Movie News: White Meat, Dark Meat...All Will Be Carved

Thank you, Eli Roth. You have made all my wildest horror dreams come true. Thanksgiving, the much loved "fake" trailer from Grindhouse, is being made into a feature-length movie. Looks like it's not being released in a double feature with Machete as was originally suspected. Release is slated for 2011, so we've got a while to wait. Maybe they'll bump it up for the fourth Thursday in November....2010. A girl can dream, right?

Movie News: Machete Cast

So the proverbial beans have been spilled regarding the cast of Machete and boy is the news good.

For your pleasure, we have:

-Michelle Rodriguez
-Jessica Alba
-Robert DeNiro
-Lindsay Lohan
-Steven Segal
-Don Johnson
-Jeff Fahey

It's rumored that La Lohan herself will be one of the topless ladies in the water featured in the trailer. Oh, Lindsay, I think we've seen enough of your ladyparts...or have we?

Stay tuned for much more Machete news as I remain thoroughly obssessed...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Movie News: Trick R Treat Has a Release Date!

This controversial flick has been languishing on my Netflix "saved" queue for as long as I can remember. Originally released in October 2007, Trick r' Treat has been placed on indefinite hold as no one has wanted to release it on DVD. Although details have been fuzzy, it seems that there's quite a few child murders in the film, which has not made the distribution companies too happy.
Anyway, on October 6 we will all be able to see what the hype is about! Stay tuned for the inevitable review.