Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Red Mist/Freakdog (2008)

For some reason unknown to me, this movie has two names.  IMDB tells me it's Freakdog, but the cover of my Blu-Ray says it's Red Mist.  This is a movie from the great UK and even has one of the badass chicks from The Descent in it.

The story itself takes place at an American hospital.  There are a group of med students interning at Forthaven General Hospital and a creepy morgue attendant who is stalking one of the girls (Arielle Kebbel as Catherine)

They take a night off for boozing and recreational drugs.  Super creeper (Kenneth) follows them to the bar to try to pick up Catherine.  When he fails, he mentions that he has video of one of the fellow medical students stealing drugs from the hospital pharmacy.  In order to keep him quiet, they invite him to join in the party.  However, they give Kenneth far too much alcohol and drugs and he goes into some sort of seizure.

In true I Know What You Did Last Summer fashion, the students peace out on the body in order to save their own asses/careers/whatever.  Kenneth winds up in a deep coma in the very hospital they all work at.  Catherine gets wracked with guilt about what they did, and tries to save poor Kenneth.  She reads up on an experimental medication for coma patients and gives it a shot.  But unfortunately the results are not as expected.  Apparently now Kenneth's spirit can inhabit other bodies and force them to kill kill kill.

This movie was pretty good and had some gory and creative death scenes.  The naming thing is a little weird, but if I were to weigh in, I would say the movie should be called Freakdog.  That actually has something to do with the plot as opposed to Red Mist, which seemingly has nothing to do with anything.

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Movie News: The Devil's Rejects 2?

So this is all pure speculation, and I'm sure Rob Zombie is just fucking with us, but The Devil's Rejects 2?  Seriously?  I might have had a heart attack (of excitement) upon reading this.

Here's the deal: Rob Zombie has this website.  To make people like me run straight to the "new post" button, he puts up a poll of what movie he should do next.  The choices are: Werewolf Women of the SS, The Blob, T-Rex, and....The Devil's Rejects 2.  Please note the absence of any mention of Halloween...thank God.

So the vote is in TDR's favor right now...with Werewolf Women close behind.  No one cares about The Blob because come on, what a dumb idea to remake that.  And T-Rex has already been announced as being pushed back to 2013. 

Then, one of my favorite Twitter buddies, @choptopmoseley, announces that he too voted for TDR2.  Oh really, Bill Moseley?  Do you have information that someone like me would kill for?  I replied at him to ask if he thinks Otis would still be alive and of course he didn't answer because he is the ultimate badass and I am just a dork with a blog.

Anyway, what would TDR2 look like?  A prequel to House of 1000 Corpses? Something in between House and TDR?  Did some or all of the family survive the end of the first movie?  Or is there some surviving family member to carry on the Firefly's legacy?  Unfortunately, it's not going to be Matthew McGrory (Tiny), as he passed away shortly after the filming of The Devil's Reject's.

So, what say you, horror lovers?  Is a TDR sequel a possibility?  What would it look like?  Or are my suspicions true and Rob Zombie is just faking horror nerds like me out?

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daybreakers (2009)

This was a cool movie.  I actually wasn't expecting very much going into this, because I figured it was just another movie riding the coattails of the recent vampire obsession everyone seems to have. 

It's the year 2019 and the majority of the world's population are vampires.  However, there is a major blood shortage due to the lack of humans available for eating.  Many humans are being farmed for blood at a pharmacuetical company, and the humans on the run are being constantly hunted by the vampire army.

Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) is the chief hematologist at Bromley Marks pharmacueticals.  The company farms humans for blood, but is also on the search for a blood alternative.  The company also studies the effects of the lack of human blood on vampires.  Apparently if they don't get human blood, they shrivel up and look weird and turn into human/bat mutants (see picture above)  Due to the worldwide blood shortage, these mutants are everywhere, and are feeding on other vampires.

So in these times of desperation, humans are being hunted ruthlessly and there are blood riots in the streets.  So where does Edward fit in?  He's a vampire who doesn't really want to be one.  But his brother is a vampire hunter.  Major drama.  Edward feels bad for humans and wants to help them.  So he comes across a secret group of humans led by Audrey (Claudia Carvan) and Elvis (William Dafoe) and they form an alliance of sorts.  Edward joins the group of renegade humans on a quest to find a cure/solution for the blood shortage.

This movie had a lot of plot holes and lack of continuity, but it was action-packed and exciting.  The world run by vampires was pretty realistic, and I enjoyed the attention to detail like the vampire cars, subwalk, etc.  I recommend checking it out without taking it too seriously. (IMDB message board commentators would probably disagree with me on that)

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Fear Dot Com (2002)

I've seen this movie once before, and I was pretty sure that it was super-lame, but I decided to give it another chance for the sake of a review.  This movie is kind of a ripoff of Ringu/The Ring only with a website instead of a video.  The premise is that you go to this website to watch people get killed, and after you see it, you die within 48 hours.  Strangely enough, your death is caused by your worst fear.  The people in this movie have odd fears -- one guy dies in a car crash, one person drowns in the bath, one person is hit by a subway. and one person is seemingly scared to death by cockroaches.  This other person dies in a jail cell and I'm not sure if that's their worst fear, or if that's how they had to die because they were stuck there.  Anyway, I digress.

Stephen Dorff is Mike Reilly, a burnt out NYC detective who is distressed because a previous case he worked on, "The Doctor" has not been solved.  But now there's a new case to be cracked.  People are dying randomly in NYC and being found looking super-scared and with bloody eyes.  Those in charge immediately think it's a virus and bring in Terry from the Department of Health (Natascha McElhone).  But tests and autopsies show that it's not a virus at all and something else is afoot.

You would think it would be time for the DOH to be taken off the case since it's not a virus, but not in this movie.  Terry and Mike band together to solve the mystery.  As it turns out, the victims all have one thing in common -- they've all visited the feardotcom website prior to death.  Additionally, there appears to be some sort of little girl bouncing a ball involved in this nonsense. 

Blah blah blah Doctor's former victim blah blah blah torture chamber.  If this movie said "Want to Play?" a la Chucky one more time, I was probably going to lose it.  And in the end, I still couldn't figure out how the website was doing what it was doing.  This movie somehow got two watches from me, but gets the same verdict.  Skip it.
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Train (2008)

This movie was sort of a ripoff of similar movies in the "torture porn" genre such as Hostel, Turistas, etc.  It was actually originally conceived as a remake of Terror Train but then evolved into this.  This is the second horror movie I've seen recently that stars Thora Birch.  I wonder if she's left her American Beauty days behind to become a genre actress...hmmm.

Train is the story of a group of American athletes traveling through Europe to compete in wrestling competitions.  Apparently this is a co-ed thing because there are both girls and guys on the trip.  One night, some members of the team give the proverbial middle finger to their curfew and go out partying.  Drinking and fighting ensue and they find themselves racing to the train station long after they've missed their mode of transportation.

Their coach is pissed and the kids are stranded in a German train station with no one that speaks German and vice versa.  Luckily enough for them, there's a nice lady who offers them a ride on her private luxury coach.  In the first of many stupid decisions these people make, they board the mysterious train and hand over their passports (wtf?) which will obviously never be seen again.

From this point on, the movie basically turns into another torture porn ripoff, just with said torture taking plan on a moving train.  The motive here is organ harvesting and I believe we're meant to think that the other people riding the train are those who need the organs, since they never help the screaming teenagers.

This movie was a fun and gory watch, but don't expect anything new or surprising.  Just another decent addition to the already maxed out torture genre.

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm alive, I swear...

Sorry, guys....I haven't been updating a whole lot lately.  I've been finishing up my second-to-last semester of school, and tearing my hair out with the last few weeks of wedding planning.  So unfortunately, horror movies (my favorite thing in the world) have not been fitting into my ridiculous schedule.

However, I am traveling all over the tri-state area this weekend and will be spending time on a bus watching movies, at my parents' house watching movies, and at my sister's apartment watching movies.  So be prepared for some badass reviews.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naked Fear (2007)

Naked Fear was quite the interesting flick.  Once again, I have no idea how some of these movies get on my queue but Zombie Strippers might have had something to do with this one.

Naked Fear is the story of Diana, who wins a talent contest and is flown out to a small town in New Mexico, presumably to perform that talent.  However, she was sorely mistaken about what she was brought in for and now she has to be a stripper.  She is forced to work to earn back the money it cost to fly her there, and her first month of crappy accomodations.

It is soon brought to Diana's attention that certain ladies of the night are disapeering from the area.  However, this does not stop her from getting into a car with a random guy in order to earn a little extra cash.  Unfortunately, this customer wants a little extra, and Diana finds herself locked up in a garage.  Blackout time, and now she's naked in the middle of the woods.

Apparently, an owner of one of the town's restaurants, Colin, often takes off on long weekend hunting excursions.  What no one realizes is he is hunting ladies, not deer.  He gives Diana a 15 minute head start and then chases after her.

Pretty much the entire second half of this movie is Colin chasing after Diana through the woods and she is naked for the majority of the time. That's one brave lady.  The chasing does get a little old after a while because there's kind of only so much you can do with that.  All in all, this was a good movie, but it probably would have been better served as an episode of Masters of Horror.

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Movie News: Adam Mason's Pig

Ugh.  Once again, my wedding-addled brain has missed an important piece of horror news.  Apparently Adam Mason has been working on a secret project titled Pig.  Starring Andrew Howard, Pig is a 70-minute long single-shot (no kidding) brutal movie all about violence and torture.

So I missed the premiere(s) on various horror websites and am totally kicking myself.  However, I did watch the first 13 minutes that is being featured over the 'net and I am in love, man.  I want to see the rest of this.  It makes me even more obsessed because of the fact that I can't see the remainder of it!

Apparently there's some links out there to a downloadable version.  Adam Mason, if you hear me buddy, I want to review this, it looks awesome!  Hook a sister up :o)

Anyone seen this?  Let me know how it was!

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

His Name Was Jason (2009)

Obviously I have to feature a picture of Kane Hodder whenever possible due to my super-crush on him.

I'm a huge sucker for documentaries of all sorts and I watch them often.  So of course, a documentary on an awesome series of horror movies is like a dream come true for me. 

His Name Was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th, was a solid documentary.  It followed the Friday the 13th movies from those first kids making out in the barn to that nonsense "reimagining" that came out last year.  They had some really great interviews with the various stars of the movies from over the years.  I was really excited to see that many of the former actors/actresses are really proud and excited about their roles in the movie and would star in another Friday the 13th if given the chance.  I feel like so many stars (cough* Jennifer Aniston * cough) are embarassed about their forays into horror, when they should not be as horror is the best movie genre EVER.

The movie also featured some really cool behind the scenes stuff like describing how they did some of the kills and what filming different scenes was like.  The setup of the documentary was effective: first they went through a little synopsis of every movie, then revisited with each of the Jasons, then some of the best kill scenes, and so on.  Did you know Kane Hodder's favorite kill was when he smacked that girl upside the tree when she was in the sleeping bag?

This was news to me, but the kind of thing you will learn while watching this documentary. 

Also, they talk about the Friday the 13th Nintendo game which we all know was the hardest. game. in. history.

The only thing I totally freakin' HATED about this thing was the pimping of the reimagined Friday the 13th during the last 10 minutes.  That movie was total garbage and not even a sequel.  It shouldn't have even been included in this.

What's your favorite Friday the 13th sequel?  (Aside from the original)  Mine is the Final Chapter.  When Mouth shaves his head and pretends to be Jason, well come on, that's horror gold.

I moved!

Hehe.  When you google image search "moving" and "horror" this is the picture that comes up.  I feel it's applicable here.

So I moved!  After a couple of years at my blogspot address with a billion words and letters, I decided to go legit and get my own domain name.  My old page will redirect here for a while, but please update your bookmarks.

There's also going to be some more aesthetic changes around here as I wrap up my wedding planning and have mucho extra time on my hands.  So stay tuned because it should rock hardcore.

Thanks for reading :o)