Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 3

I am officially obsessed with Shane.  When he was shaving his head in the bathroom I nearly died.  It's definitely a good look for him.  Also, I don't think my husband is going to watch this show with me anymore, because when I'm not lusting over Shane, I'm lamenting about why Andrea and Daryl haven't banged yet.  You know that shit is just bound to happen.  All this hotness is just detracting me from the zombies, which is the point of this show.

*Spoilers ahead as per usual!*  Carl continues to die, but now wakes up occasionally and has seizures.  Rick wants to give him more blood, but he's already pretty weak from all the donations he's been doing.  Is NO ONE in this house O negative?  Seriously I find this very hard to believe. 

T-Dog and Glenn make the hike to the doctor's house to get some treatment for T-Dog's messed-up arm.  Dale refuses to leave the RV that he's strangely attached to, and Andrea and Daryl go to search for Sophia, while Carol cries and sobs and just generally doesn't help anybody. 

Otis and Shane are running from the zombies at the school, and once again, it was stupid to bring a fat dude on this excursion.  Shane is sort of adopting an attitude of every man for himself, and I guess that's what happens when you bang your friend's wife and then also try to rape her.  I'm having a lot of conflict regarding Shane because he's so sexy but also just sort of heartless as well.  Long story short, Otis is zombie chow and Shane gets the respirator back to dying Carl. 

I've also thought that skinny bitch Lori was pretty unlikeable, and she gets even worse in this episode.  As her son starts to slip away and her husband gives basically all his blood to him, she muses about how maybe the kid would be better off dead.  Um, wtf?  Maybe you would be better off dead, Lori.

Of course they weren't going to let Carl croak on this show, so he inevitably gets saved.  Meanwhile little Sophia is still missing, but Andrea and Daryl find an awesome hanging zombie.  Andrea is annoying me a little less in this episode, and Daryl is becoming a pretty hot redneck.  Liked this episode, and looking forward to next week. 

P.S. For Walking Dead recaps that are even more snarky than mine, check out Lainey Gossip which literally makes me LoL!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV Series) Episode 4

OMG WTF is going on in American Horror Story?  Ryan Murphy has seriously taken allllll the crazy from every season of Nip/Tuck and rolled it into this bananas show.  *Spoilers Ahead*  When we last checked in with the AHS family, Vivien was knocked up, and so was Ben's mistress, Hayden.  Of course, this was unacceptable to the good doctor, and he let the crazy burn victim, Larry, knock Hayden in the noggin, and he buried her under a brand new gazebo.  Of course, Krueger Jr. wants to be paid for his efforts and keeps swinging by the house with a trick or treat bucket, demanding $1K.  Now it's really hard to tell who's real and a ghost in this show, and my husband thinks that dude is really since he traipses around the city, but I think he's a ghost.  But I suppose a ghost wouldn't need $1000.  Anyway, I used to find this guy annoying and lame, but in this episode he was pretty freakin' scary.

We get more background on the horror house, both from the perspective of the doctor who originally built it, and the gay couple who lived in it before the Harmons.  As to be expected, the selling of the house is not going so well, and their crappy realtor brings in some "fluffers" to help stage the residence. Of course, the fluffers are none other than the dead gay couple, so obviously they are ghosts too.

Meanwhile, things are hot and heavy between Violet and Tate, but she is getting frustrated since they only hook up in the creepy basement and never get to go out.  He promises to take her out on their next date.  I'm sure this will somehow involve ghosts and murder, but we shall see.  Adelaide (Constance's daughter) is creepier than ever, and has now taken to hiding under beds and scary people.  She is also having a whispering little convo with Constance's latest boy-toy and Mommy Dearest is none too happy.  Adelaide expresses her desire to be a "pretty girl" for Halloween, instead of her typical Snoopy costume.  Constance has zero desire for her disabled daughter to look pretty in any way, especially if it means she might steal her man.  This lady is wack.

Finally, it's Halloween and the Tates are trying to make the house look awesome so that the parents of trick-or-treaters might want to buy it, or tell their friends, or something else that's probably not going to happen.  Gayness abounds as they create a "bobbing station" and 1/2 of the gay couple offers to perform favors for Ben.  He has a mistress, a saucy maid, and he's getting propositioned by gays now?  I mean, he's hot but he's no Jason Stackhouse, if you know what I mean.  Vivien's having labor pains, and when the tech in the emergency room peeps the so-called baby, she passes out.  Violet's not as fearless as she seems, and Hayden has risen from the grave, looking all Night of the Living Dead.  Can't WAIT for next week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

I'll admit I had serious ulterior motives for bumping Halloween 4 up to the top of my Netflix queue.  I desperately wanted my banner to be a picture of Danielle Harris as a child dressed as little Michael Myers.  No amount of googling could help me find a picture big enough.  So I had to get it on Netflix, McGuyver my way around Apple's stupid restrictions about taking screen shots of DVDs, and finally, I had my banner.  And also watched the movie, but apparently that was secondary in my mind.

It's 10 years after Michael's arrival in Haddonfield and he's been strapped to the bed in some mental institution. The doctors feel him to be completely disabled, but we all know that Michael just does that in order to save strength for his imminent escape.  Meanwhile, back in Haddonfield, Laurie Strode's daughter, Jamie Lloyd lives on.  She is sad and misses her parents, and currently lives with her aunt and uncle, and her cousin Rachel.

Rachel is busy dating guys that work at discount stores and wearing mom jeans, and she's not too interested in an insomniac little girl that she has to cancel dates in order to babysit.  And that's exactly what happens on Halloween.  Rachel is forced to take Jamie to the store to get a costume, where she strangely enough picks one of a clown, identical to Michael's childhood getup. 

Of course adult Michael is traipsing his way back to Haddonfield, taking out everyone in his path on the search for his niece, Jamie.  Dr. Loomis, looking a little worse for the wear, learns of the escape and tries to beat Michael back to his hometown and rescue little Jamie.  There's a supernatural element to this as well, as throughout the movie, Jamie is having visions and dreams of Michael, although she couldn't possibly have any idea who he was/is.

This is a solid installment in the Halloween franchise, and many feel it makes up for the craziness of Halloween 3.  Although Danielle Harris is obviously successful in the horror world, watching this movie made me wonder why she never went Hollywood like Drew Barrymore.  She was a damn good child actress and cute as hell to boot.  Well, I'm glad that our genre got her instead of romantic comedies.  Hail to the scream queen!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blood River (2009)

I'm never sure what to expect going into an Adam Mason movie.  I loved Broken, I hated The Devil's Chair, and Pig gave me a whole lot to think about.  So I went into Blood River on a pretty even keel.  Personally, I think Andrew Howard (an Adam Mason favorite) is sexy as all hell.  But then again, this is also coming from a person who lusts over Otis Driftwood, so you should take my opinion with a grain of the proverbial salt. 

Blood River is about a couple, Clark (Ian Duncan) and Summer (Tess Panzer), who are traveling through the desert on the way to Summer's parents' house.  Why, you say?  Well, Summer is pregnant with their child, and they're on the way to tell the grandparents.  While driving, they see a drifter, Joseph (Andrew Howard) and decide not to pick him up.  Later, they meet him again at the middle-of-nowhere motel they stop at.

After leaving the motel the next morning, they blow a tire on the desolate highway and are forced to hike to the next town five miles down the road.  Upon arrival, they run into Joseph once again, at first seeing him as a savior.  He offers to siphon gas from their broken-down car in order to get his started again, bringing them to safety.  However, unfortunately, this is just the beginning.  Joseph is not exactly human, and is here to reveal secrets, and make people pay for their sins.

This movie is heavily shrouded in both mystery and religious connotations.  You'll be a bit annoyed by the lack of a conclusion, but the point of the movie, it seems, is to decide what happened on your own.  I'd love to meet Adam Mason one day, and pick his brain on what he intended the wrongdoing to be, if he even had one in mind at all.  The cinematography in Blood River is simply breathtaking, and the acting is superb.  Definitely one worth checking out, even if those cliffhanger endings eat away at you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Break You by Blake Crouch

*Spoilers ahead!*  Break You is the third installment in the Andrew Thomas series.  Violet and Andrew thought they made a clean escape back to their secluded home in the Yukon.  Raising Violet's infant son, and nurturing a burgeoning romance, it seems as if they've put the past behind them.

But the monster lurking behind them has waited for them to feel such comfort so that he can pounce.  Andrew and Violet find themselves living back in a nightmare, which will present painful challenges to save infant Max, and themselves.

They endure incredible amounts of torture, both inflicted by the omnipresent Luther Kite, and each other.  There's less of an actual story behind Break You and really more pain, suffering, and humiliation, all while I'm left to worry about the safety of two infants.  Kite is one tough cookie, but I guess Break You proves that Violet and Andrew are pretty unbreakable as well.

Break You is a novella, and shorter than the other Andrew Thomas stories.  I didn't like this one as much, because I just couldn't seem to picture what was happening.  The knife fight between the women was contrived and fairly unbelievable.  And although I love the intricate and exciting descriptions of torture that Blake Crouch can work up, as Break You wore on, I found myself questioning whether anyone could actually live through any of this nonsense, nonetheless say that it barely even hurt him.  I also had a hard time picturing the landscape; although I found the desert, the Yukon, and the Outer Banks to be so intricately described, I just couldn't wrap my head around the Detroit urban wasteland. 

I'm looking forward to Stirred, a collaboration between J.A. Konrath and Blake Crouch, which will serve as a sequel to Break You, and a continuation to the Andrew Thomas series.  Both Kite and Thomas appeared to have at least a pulse at the end of this one, so maybe we'll see them heal up and come back for the next book.

Locked Doors by Blake Crouch

In a frenzy earlier this year, I basically read every Blake Crouch, Jack Kilborn, and J.A. Konrath book that I could get my grubby little hands on.  I didn't get around to writing too many reviews, because I was just reading them too fast and never thought to stop and write about them.  Now I've gone back for some re-reads and to write up some thoughts.

Locked Doors is the sequel to Desert Places and is the second book in the Andrew Thomas series.  *Spoilers ahead* because there's pretty much no way to talk about this book without spoiling the last one.  Seven years previous, Andrew thought that he left his brother, Orson, dead, and his friend Luther Kite to freeze to death in the snowy desert.  He has created a new identity, hiding out in a cabin in the Yukon and cooking at a local restaurant.

However, he checks the news frequently to see of anything that surfaces regarding himself, Orson, or Luther.  Most of these searches are fruitless, until he discovers that people he knew in his "previous" life are being kidnapped and killed.  He finds himself on the run once again, in search of the elusive Luther Kite.  Meanwhile, a young detective, Violet King, is also on the hunt for Kite, having been set on his trail by evidence left at a murder scene.

Soon, Andrew, Violet, and Beth (Andrew's best friend's wife) will find themselves in quite the precarious position with the Kite family.  As with most of Crouch's works, it's a fight to the death and often a surprise to see who survives in the end.  Locked Doors is followed by Break You.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2

*Spoilers ahead!*  Ohhhh boy.  Something tragic happened at the end of the last episode, and that creepy fat guy from Identity is involved.  Poor little Carl got hit with a bullet meant for a deer, and Rick, Shane, and Otis (the shooter) are hauling ass to the Green Family Farm where a doctor awaits.

The doctor is trying his hardest to save Carl, but it's a bit of a challenge when he's actually a veteranarian.  He also needs supplies, which are located at a temporary hospital at a nearby high school.  Why didn't they get these supplies before if they knew about them?  Oh yes, because the high school is overrun by zombies.  Shane and Otis go to check out the school, and I do not think that Otis is the best guy to have with you when you're trying to escape the undead.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group continues to search for the missing little girl.  All are conflicted when they should give up the search and move on.  T-Dog is hurting pretty bad from a cut he got during the herd melee, and no one knows that Merle left behind a shitload of drugs that would help.  A girl from the Greens arrives on horseback to get Lori and bring her back to Carl and Rick.  As Lori expresses cries of pain, my insensitive husband makes jokes about her needing a cheeseburger.  Girlfriend has got SKINNY though.  I guess banging your husband and his best friend really burns those calories.

The rest of the group is feeling separated from their base, and are anxious to join up at the farm and regroup.   But obviously no one wants to leave behind the missing child, so decisions have to be made.  This episode was way more fast-paced and exciting than last week's, and the 60-minute format is definitely better than 90.  But seriously, AMC, can we chill it with the commercials a bit?!??!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV Series) Episode 3

I find it continously amusing that all of the men on American Horror Story see the maid all young and sexy and inappropriate, while everyone else in life sees her as crusty and old with a weird eye.  We find out in this episode how her eye got that way, and as expected, Constance was the cause.

After seeing a haunted tour go by their house, deeming it the "Murder House," Vivien attempts to dig further into the history of the residence.  Meanwhile, they're still trying to sell the house, despite the fact that's already appearing to be fairly impossible.  We learn that the house was built by a doctor and his wife.  The doctor was on the way to being very successful, but became addicted to alcohol and drugs.  Running out of money, and wishing to retain their lavish lifestyle, the wife forces the doctor to perform abortions to keep them afloat.  Although they don't go into much detail about the problems caused by these procedures, the lady of house traipses through the episode with a giant bloody hole in the back of her head.

Meanwhile, Ben is still trying to get patients, and is struggling. It's especially difficult to build up a schedule when you fall asleep during a suicidal person's appointment.  Ben quickly blames his sleepiness on the maid, and she responds by admitting his mistress to his office.  BURN!  Ben's dirty little secret has decided not to go away quietly, and he's faced with more problems than before.

While Vivien is feeling weak and broken from the recent home invasion, Violet is feeling empowered and unwillingly to leave the "soulful" house.  She's hanging out and smoking cigarettes with her new boy-toy/possibly Constance's son. 

We're left with plenty of questions, as seems to be the norm with this show.  This wasn't as good as episode 2, but I'm really looking forward to episode 4, and the rest of what appears to be a greenlighted full season.  YAY!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Son of Sam (2008)

I'm a New Yorker and I know the Son of Sam story.  Any New Yorker worth their salt knows much about the events of the summer of 1977, which was truly a dynamic time in NYC history.

I liked the movie Summer of Sam, which really used the Son of Sam story as a background story to other stuff that was going on.  So I was hoping that Son of Sam would be an actual informative movie about the case.

This movie was more horrible than I ever could have imagined.  Almost no actual facts about the case were correct.  The picture quality was terrible.  The dialogue was awful, and was pretty much a lot of whispering and rambling.  The actor who plays David Berkowitz is pretty much in a catatonic state for most of the movie, just reading off his lines as if the paper was in front of him.  There's a lot of annoying background talking that gets old after about 30 seconds.  This heavily focuses on the probably-untrue claim that David Berkowitz was somehow involved in a Satanic cult.  In terms of this shitty movie, the "cult" consists of a chick in a bra and some other weirdos.

Not only is the story entirely inaccurate, but pretty much no effort was put into the timeline or geography.  Although the murders all took place in the Bronx and Queens, the main character is often pictured standing next to the Brooklyn Bridge.  Not to mention he rides one of the "new" talking subway cars, which didn't exist until the most recent decade.

I actually liked House of the Dead, so I'm usually a little slow to rag on Ulli Lommel.  But this movie was seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  Even if this wasn't completely erroneously pretending to be about the Son of Sam, it still would have been a pretty much unwatchable movie.  Horrible, horrible, horrible.  Skip at all costs.

The Walking Dead Season 2 (2011 TV Series) Episode 1

I feel like The Walking Dead is sort of like the little show that could.  It started with a fairly innocuous cast, and I don't know if anywhere thought a zombie show would succeed on mainstream TV.  Kicking off with a short season, it took the television world by storm.  When I met a good chunk of the cast back in March, they were so humble and down-to-earth that they seemed pretty surprised by the reception of the show.  It's hard to believe that now they're all serious stars in their own right.

But, with success comes haters, and I knew this season was going to start off with a lot of complaints.  My Twitter and Facebook feed was crowded with bitching and whining and I was not surprised in the least.  I liked this episode, and I really didn't agree with most of the complainers that it was slow-moving.  I thought it was well-paced, and allowed us to catch up on the characters while gearing up for the next season.

For those that didn't see it (spoilers ahead, bitches!), Season 2 kicks off with the remaining characters fleeing the exploding CDC building.  Some people stayed behind to die, which is something I definitely would not have done with several sexy guys running around this little group.  I mean, come on, Shane is single now.  Get with the program. 

There's lots of riding around in cars, and a pretty badass herd of zombies on the attack.  Everyone scrambles to hide, and all seems reasonably well except that Sophia goes missing, prompting the group to unsuccessfully traipse around the woods in search of her.   Andrea is determined to be too much of a headcase to carry around a gun, lest she may shoot herself in the head.  I would encourage this, so that I could have Shane to myself.  (Sorry, I'm getting off-topic but I find him so hot) 

The group finds a small church, but no sign that God is coming to help any of them.  Carl attempts to approach a deer in the woods, which is not something I would do with hungry, trigger-happy people around.  I liked this episode, and I'm looking forward to the second season.

Red State (2011)

Lottttaaaaa Kevin Smith haters out there.  Did y'all not like Clerks?  Mallrats?  Seriously.  These movies rock and so does Silent Bob, and Jay for that matter.

Did you know that man in the picture to the left is Texas Ranger Earl McGraw, hailing from the one and only From Dusk Til Dawn?  Hard to tell, but apparently Kevin Smith wrote the preacher part specifically for him, and refused to make the movie without his sign-on.  Also, little did Smith know that dude sang with Johnny Cash before lending his vocals to Silent Bob's first horror movie.  Rock on.

So what exactly is Red State about?  Some horny teenagers, Travis (Michael Angarano), Travis (Kyle Gallner), and Billy Ray (Nicholas Braun) find a MILF on some sex website and decide to drive out to meet her.  Unfortunately, they've been lured into the trap of an anti-gay, fundamentalist Christian sect led by Abin Cooper (Michael Parks).  The teenagers are trapped, Saran-wrapped, and otherwise restrained, while the religious psychos preach on.

The ATF, including John Goodman (!!!!) get involved, and a firefight ensues.  Neither side is messing around, and are ready to fight to the death.  This movie was chock-full of socio-political commentary, and the infamous Westboro Baptist church was involved on several occasions throughout the screenings and distribution.  Kevin Smith calling this "straight-up horror" is a little bit of a's say it's more action/drama than horror, but the line is quite blurred these days as it is.

I liked Red State overall, and I'm surprised by all the horror community backlash.  Great cast, including some genre names, as well as surprises like Milton from Office Space and Oscar-winner Melissa Leo.  No predictable stoner-vibe Smith cast here. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Seed by Ania Ahlborn (2011)

It's been a while, since I wrote a book review.  What happened is that I raced through pretty much the entire collection of Jack Kilborn and Blake Crouch, and then needed a break from the onslaught of blood, guts, and general creepiness I had subjected myself to.  After a few weeks of trashy romance novels (my guilty pleasure), I decided to delve back into the world of horror fiction and was glad to stumble upon Seed.  The description related this story to works of King, Crouch, and Kilborn, and of course, I was instantly hooked.

Seed is the story of a young family: father Jack, mother Aimee, 10-year old Abigail, and 6-year old Charlotte/Charlie.  Jack harbors dark secrets from his childhood, which culminated in him running away from home at the early age of 14.  One evening, while driving home late at night with his family, he swerves off the road to dodge what he thinks is an animal.  No one else sees the animal, except for Charlie.

After the accident, things begin to change.  Jack begins to see the evil in Charlie that he saw in himself as a child.  In conjunction with the current story, we also get a slow and steady reveal of Jack's childhood.  Charlie becomes scarier and more intimidating, as her older sister and mother shrink away from her.  Jack, however, is intrigued by his changed daughter.

This book had a level of creepiness that is sincerely difficult to achieve.  I read some sentences/scenes repeatedly, as I loved how they were written.  I find it's challenging to paint a child as an antagonist, a la Damien and Reagan, but Ahlborn hit the nail right on the head.  I flew through this book in two days, and literally could not put it down.  I would highly recommend.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2011)

Everyone knocking this movie by saying it is sick and depraved is giving Tom Six exactly what he wanted.  It was clear from the first trailer on that his main focus in making Full Sequence was to shock and disturb.  And he got that job done pretty well.

Martin is a loner with some serious issues.  He was abused by his dad, he lives with a weirdo mom, and he does unconventional things like masturbating with sandpaper.  He also is obsessed with the movie The Human Centipede, and desires to make a centipede of his own.  He moves forward with his plan by randomly kidnapping twelve people, including a very pregnant woman, and the star from the first Centipede, Ashlynn Yennie.  With no appropriate tools or medical training, he hacks at kneecaps, asses, and mouths with hammers and kitchen knives.  He then literally staples everyone's asses to mouth.

Where the first Centipede lacked in graphic, in-your-face gore, the sequel more than compensated.  Martin digs teeth out of bloody mouths, force feeds the centipede head, and administers a ridiculous amount of laxatives to his victims when they are not pooping fast enough for his liking. 

The ending was sort of anti-climatic, and I don't believe that the planned Human Centipede: Final Sequence will involve Martin.  Tom Six got exactly what he wanted with this movie, making it even more sick and depraved than the first.  People like me will see it just to satisfy their curiosity, and he promises even more boundary-pushing in the next sequel.  I imagine this gross-out phase will come and go, as it did with torture porn a few years ago, but the ride is a fun one.

Friday, October 14, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV series) Episode 2

As I waited patiently for 10pm this Wednesday, I wondered if American Horror Story could top its off-the-wall pilot...and it did.  If you thought this story couldn't get any more bizarre, or have any other little mini-stories within it, you would be mistaken.

I'm so in love with the bizarre, sexy Nip-Tuck vibe to this whole series (thanks, Ryan Murphy!) but this week brought in a little creepiness from The Strangers.  After last week's sexytime and impending pregnancy, combined with Violet's problems at school, the weird maid, laviscious teenage patient and creepy neighbors, the family is in a bit of a weird spot.  And it's about to get a lot weirder.

Ben is getting roped back into his previous infidelity with his student, played by the lovely Kate Mara (yay!) and he finds that he can't get out of it.  More history is revealed about the house, including some brutal murders that took place in the 60s.  Apparently there are some Manson-type wannabes who want to recreate the murders, but will Violet and Vivien be able to stop them?

Meanwhile, Ben deals with issues across the country in Boston, while Constance targets the family with some laced cupcakes.  We're introduced to a new character, some man candy with an affinity for lonely widows. (Christian Troy/Hedda Grubman, anyone?)  And when a trio stands together at the end, we're forced to question who really knows each other in this story.

I'm loving this show more and more and I cannot wait until next week's episode.  IMDB is saying that only four episodes were made so far, and I'm really hoping they decide to extend this season.  Television really needs a non-mainstream horror show in the mix.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV series) Episode 1

There was something that really got to me about American Horror Story.  It was a little all over the place, and a lot strange, but it stuck in my head and I'm looking forward to the next episode.

AHS is about a couple, Vivien (Connie Britton) and Ben (Dylan McDermott) who have gone through some serious shit in their marriage as of late.  In order to try and repair their failing relationship, they take their daughter Violet (Taissa Farmiga) and their dog and move into a house with a sordid past.  They ignore the murder-suicide that occured there, the strange bondage suit in the basement, the creepy neighbors, and eventually a weird burned guy lurking around.  Man, these people have low standards for their living situation.

Apparently the house comes with a built-in maid, who is old, but appears to be young and Evan Rachel Wood-esque in front of male members of the household.  Ben, a psychiatrist, starts treating a psychotic teenager, who immediately befriends the jaded Violet.  Neighbor-of-the-year Constance (Jessica Lange) likes to tell scary stories and let her Downs-syndrome daughter traipse over to the house at any time, making declarations of death a la Crazy Ralph.

There was so much going on in this episode that it's hard to wrap it up in a review.  But let it be said that it's scary, random, and jarring, and I can't wait to see next week's episode.  More to come.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Movie News: What is up with the casting of Lords of Salem?

News on Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem has been pretty slow in coming, but over the past couple of weeks, we've gotten a few casting announcements.  Sheri Moon Zombie has been on the IMDB page for months...I guess we just assume now that she will be in all of Rob Zombie's movies.  But she's never been officially cast, as far as I can tell.

So who else?  A whole bunch of fuckin' randomness is who else.  We've got Torsten Voges, who is listed as being "famous" for starring in The Big Lebowski and 8MM.  Now I love both of these movies, and I vaguely remember this dude from The Big Lebowski as a Nihlist, but I can't place him in 8MM at all.  Well anyway, he's going to be the lead singer of the death metal band.

Next, Ernest Thomas from What's Happening?  I mean, seriously.  And Jeffrey Daniel Phillips, who plays Uncle Seymour Coffins in Halloween II and also one of the cavemen in the Geico commercials.  And finally, Bruce Dern.  Which Rob Zombie lists as being in tons of movies, but I only know from Big Love and Monster.  Also, I will be seeing him at Chiller Theatre in October.   I mean, literally, this casting could not get more random.

Thoughts, anyone?  I mean, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around this project, just because the plot doesn't seem too interesting.  Maybe a trailer or some clips would whet my appetite a bit, but right now I'm very meh about the whole thing.