Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3: "When the Dead Come Knocking"

The Walking Dead is just leaving me with a lot of questions in this episode.  Overall this one just left me a little unsatisfied, but really I'm just getting a little annoyed with some of the characters' behaviors.

Merle is starting to sound like a broken record.  I mean, dude, I understand you're pissed about the whole roof thing, but give it a break.  He's trying to beat the truth out of Glenn, but he is not talking.  Maggie is very nervous next door.  Merle is done fucking around and just lets a zombie loose in the room...even though Glenn is tied to a chair.  But in case you were wondering, Glenn is a fucking boss and takes out the walker like no big deal.

Michonne is badly hurt and is begging with her eyes to be let in.  But Rick doesn't let anyone in anymore.  He seems to have conveniently forgotten that they were once begging to be let into a group.  Michonne is taking out zombies left and right, and Carl is finally like fuck this shit, and goes to help her.  Once they get her in, they of course sequester her, because it would kill them to make a new friend.  Michonne is doing her typical pouting/not talking, and clearly she has met her match in Rick.  She tells them about Woodbury, but not Andrea, and they set to go out and rescue Glenn and Maggie.

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury, that squirrely lab guy is working on a zombie cure.  We find out that he has never killed a zombie, so the Governor brings in Andrea to take care of that.  They have an old guy with pancreatic cancer, and they've been doing some memory tests with him.  They're going to wait for him to croak, and then do the memory tests again.  Andrea is pretty skeptical of the whole thing.  Dude wakes up and remembers nothing.  Andrea pops him in the head.  Squirrely guy is sad.

They finally named the baby.  I liked AssKicker.  But now it's Judith, after Carl's third grade teacher.  Ummmm, what?  A small group from the prison traipses towards Woodbury, and they're accosted by zombies.  They hide in a random house, where there's a guy that has never heard of the zombie apocalypse.  Again...um, what?

The Governor decides he'll talk to Maggie instead of Merle.  Of course he makes her take her top off, and proceeds to act like he's going to rape her.  OMG I HATE THIS GUY.  When her and Glenn are reunited, she spills about the prison, when Glenn's life is threatened.  I understand how she feels, but OMG I can't believe you gave up the prison!  In a creepy moment, the Governor kind of cuddles Maggie and tells her everything is going to be okay.  Glenn is going to cut a bitch.

Merle swears that he'll side with the Governor even if they find Daryl.  I am not inclined to believe that.  The prison group slinks up on Woodbury as the Governor sends a recon group out to the prison.  In a repeat of the creepy moment with Maggie, the Governor cuddles Andrea and says the EXACT SAME THING.  Next week is the mid-season finale and then we're going to be taking a holiday Walking Dead break!  Sad. 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

A phone ringing in the freakin' zombie apocalypse!  Why does this episode not start off with Rick answering it?!?  Instead we get Michonne leaving messages with zombie bodies.  Love it.  Merle and his crew are looking for her, but they're not expecting to be slaughtered.  Merle underestimates Michonne for sure. 

Apparently random people are on the phone, claiming to be in a safe place.  Rick begs to join the group, after rejecting so many people from his own group!  WTF, Rick?!  Andrea is complaining to Philip about the zombie thunderdome, but she still wants to stay in Twin Peaks.  Rick goes back to check on Carl but rushes back to wait for the phone to ring. The person on the other end just seems to be teasing him...asking a billion questions about who he has killed and what happened to his wife.   How did these people get this number anyway?  Are they just dialing every number ever?  I'm confused.

Andrea wants to work on the wall, so they set her up with some redneck girl for training.  The chick claims to be some sort of archery expert but she's actually terrible.  Andrea shows her up in 5 seconds.  Rick is still waiting for the phone to ring again and Herschel shows up to hang out.  He wants to sit with Rick, since "that's what he's pretty good at these days."  HA. Daryl walks with Carl and tells a story of how his mom died.  They commiserate.

Philip tells Andrea they don't need her on the wall.  She says she liked the zombie thunderdome but just didn't want to admit it.  Merle has no intention of telling Philip that Michonne is still alive.  Rick continues to receive phone calls, and I'm beginning to think they're in his head.  Maggie and Glenn are within like 10 feet of Michonne!!  Just like I thought would happen!  Philip and Andrea are having a ton of sexual innuendos.  Andrea, you have taken a huge step down from the sexiness of Shane.

Glenn and Maggie stock up, and Merle shows up!  He wants to get taken to Daryl.  Glenn says he should stay put and he'll bring Daryl to him.  Merle takes them hostage!  And they have to leave the baby formula!!  AHHH WTF.

OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT THESE PHONE CALLS ARE FAKE??!?!!?  Ghost Lori is on the phone!!  Rick waxes poetic about loving Lori even though he hated her because she fucked Shane.  She begs him to take care of Carl and the still-nameless baby.

Philip and Andrea bang, but Merle cockblocks.  Hold on, if Merle is back here, where are Glenn and Maggie?!  Herschel's holding the baby.  It still needs a name.  My uterus skips a beat when Rick snuggles her.  Daryl and the prisoner were clearing out the cells, and Daryl finds Carol's knife imbedded in a zombie's neck.  And then OMFG he finds Carol!!!!  YESSSS.  Rick's carrying the baby, Daryl's carrying Carol -- symbolism!!!

Michonne shows up with the freakin' baby formula!  Why can she walk free amongst the zombies?!  The baby still doesn't have a name!  Until next week!   

Die (2010)

Six strangers awaken in a room together and they all have something in common.  Leigh Wannell, is that you?  Someone should count how many Saw-based movies have been created since the original was released.  I can personally think of three right off the top of my head.  This movie is Italian though, if that makes any difference.

Six people have kind of crappy lives, and have tried to attempt suicide.  One of the guys looks like Greg T. Nelson and it is distracting.  We have a rich guy (Robert), chronic gambler (Lisa), alcoholic cop (Mark), drug addict and prostitute (Melody), depressed doctor (Zach) and another depressed doctor (Diane).  Basically, the people have to use their own suicide method against another random person.  They roll the dice to determine the intensity of the method.  For example, in the meth overdose situation, each number equals 10mg, and in the gun, it equals a bullet.  The water scene is particularly dramatic, in my opinion. 

Additionally, they all seem to have cigarette burns in the shape of die numbers on the inside of their wrists.  What do they mean?  On the outside, a rogue cop investigates while her colleagues tell her to leave it alone.  She knows there's some sort of connection with the cigarette burns.  She digs deeper and discovers an underground "game" called "The Trials."  It's a cult! Disciples are involved!  There's even a book!  In the Saw sense, Jacob (Jigsaw) wants everyone to be an Amanda so they can all be in this cult teaching people a lesson about killing themselves. 

I liked this movie.  It dragged a little at times, but it was a more "high-end" (for lack of a better word) Saw-based movie.  Not the worst thing hanging out on Netflix instant these days.

The Hills Have Eyes 2 (2007)

I don't think I'm alone in liking The Hills Have Eyes remake.  I sort of forgot there was a Hills Have Eyes 2 until I was flipping through the channels this afternoon and saw that it was going to be on SyFy.  Wes Craven apparently wrote this sequel with his son.  He's really fallen off since Scream, hasn't he? 

This movie could basically be called "National Guard people doing stupid crap." Also there's all kinds of random backstories and such that are never fully explained.  Basically, the Army is stationed on the land where all the nonsense went down with the cannibals two years prior.  It looks like they're building some sort of thing in the mines that looks like those fake families/setups from the last movie. 

A group of National Guard trainees show up for some exercises, and are surprised to see that the camp is empty.  They see a distress signal from afar, and hear some garbled communication on the radio.  So they set off on a search and rescue mission.  Of course, the cannibals are lurking, but they're not as creepy or scary as in the first remake.  The group plods about, making fun of each other, and generally not watching within two feet of themselves as the cannibals pick them off one by one.  There's some randomness thrown in, like a guy living in a porta-potty with cuts all over him.  And also an Army guy who was maybe trying to find/kill the cannibals?  It's not really explained.

They get stranded near the top of the mountain with no way to get down, and think that their only way out is through the mines.  Bad idea, of course.   But there's a nice cannibal who wants to help them out, so maybe it's okay.  He's kind of the "Ruby" of this movie.  Lots of cannibal and human deaths ensue.

I did like the grossness of the opening scene to this movie, which we then never revisit!  It's a girl tied to a bed with super long gross toenails having a baby.  But she's just a baby machine, so she gets whacked right after she pops it out.  But what is the point?  Are they going to eat the baby or raise it as a cannibal?  So many questions, Mr. Craven!

The acting was horrible and the story was meh, but it wasn't the worst two hours I've ever spent on the SyFy channel.  It seemed like it was trying to line up with the Wrong Turn franchise, but I think that series just has a great formula that cannot be competed with. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Below Zero (2011)

Man, Edward Furlong is looking ROUGH.  Where has he been?!  He's only 35, per IMDB.  Below Zero is about a writer, Jack the Hack (Edward Furlong) who is having some creative difficulties.  He's trying to write a screenplay about a guy locked in a freezer, so in some bizarre kind of "method writing," he decides to go lock himself in a slaughterhouse freezer until he finishes the screenplay.  Apparently this is actually what the writer of this movie did in order to write it.   They even filmed it in the same location.  Relevance! 

Pretty much the second he gets locked in the freezer, he wants out.  But he starts trying to think of a story.  His first idea is about a serial killer who unknowingly locks a victim in a freezer.  Just fair warning to a plot aspect that seemed to upset many reviewers -- much of the movie is not what ACTUALLY happened.  It's the movie script that he's writing.  So there's two different things going on: what's actually happening to Jack the scriptwriter, and what's happening to him in this story he's imagining.

In the imagined story, Gunnar (Michael Berryman) is a barely-English speaking dude that runs a slaughterhouse and also maybe kills people.  The son of the slaughterhouse owner (Penny) in the real-life segment is the son of Gunnar in the movie version.  The son also never speaks and either draws or eats sausage.  He's like the kid from The Ring.  The same actress is "Paige" in the movie version.  Jack/Penny and Jack/Paige end up locked in the freezer in both versions, but for different reasons.  In the "movie version," they're there because of a serial killer.  In the "real life" version, they must finish the screenplay before Jack's agents kills her mute son.  Or something. 

Except the story keeps changing, because you know, he's refining his script.  Everything still stays in the slaughterhouse, but the people keep flipping back and forth, and Scream Queen is getting a little dizzy.  Maybe I'm a little behind on my game today, but I'm having a hard time keeping track of these two stories.  Meanwhile, the freezer keeps getting colder.  Was it not a freezer this whole time? Then the end totally confused me because it's like what the fuck was real and what was his script?  I don't like being confused, yo. 

There's a few things that amuse me about this movie in general.  Loving the fact that Berryman gets billed ahead of Furlong on the promo art.  I remember when Edward Furlong was prominently featured in Teen Beat.  That ship has sailed.  Also, 1.5 hours is wayyyy too long for me to see Michael Berryman with his shirt off.  Was being shirtless relevant to the plot of this film?  I think not.  Also, his backwoods creepiness was totally wasted here, with the bad accent and the stumbling about.  I just couldn't get myself to like this movie.  Too much confusion and not enough payoff.  Fail.

Grimm Love (2006)

Felicity in a horror movie?  Okay.  A German horror movie of all things.  Grimm Love is based on a true story of a cannibal in Germany.  Armin Meiwes was a person who wanted to eat somebody.  And where better to find a person who wants to be eaten than via the internet?  He was ultimately caught and served 8 years in prison for manslaughter.

This movie seems to follow the story pretty closely.  Graduate student Katie Armstrong (Keri Russell) is studying notorious cannibal Oliver Hartwin.  The path of the movie is pretty much a series of flashbacks as she goes to different areas of his life.  Oliver has always been obsessed with cannibalism, and his eventual victim has always been infatuated with having his penis bitten off, sharing in the eating of said penis, and then having someone eat his body.  Normal fantasies, right?

As Katie continues to investigate the background of the case, she becomes more and more entrenched in the strange online world of cannibals.  We get the background story of how Oliver prepared his "slaughter room" and eventually nabbed his (willing) victim.  Katie learns that there was a videotape made of the incident, and she becomes focused on getting ahold of the tape, but once she does, sobs while watching it.

This was certainly an odd movie, but it followed a very strange true story.  There are lots of penises -- a guy begging to have his penis bitten off, people eating penises, and even a guy making a body-shaped cake with an erect penis, and eating the penis.  Penis, penis, penis.  No vaginas.  Story moved a little slow at times, but hey, cannibalism!  I wouldn't go googling cannibal websites anytime soon though.  Methinks someone is watching that sort of online activity. 

Rogue River (2012)

Wow, it's been a while since I've done a Bill Moseley Movie Project post!  Bill Moseley is one of my favorite genre actors and I always so desperately want to love anything he's in.  But right off the bat, this story is a little unbelievable.  Maybe the cynical NYer side of me is showing too much, but seriously?  You meet a guy randomly while trying to scatter your dad's ashes, and not only do you take him up on the offer for him to walk you back to your car, but then when you find said car missing, you accept a ride.  Not a ride into town, mind you, but back to his house to "check" with his wife.  Check whether you can give a ride that you are already in the process of giving?!  Then when you meet the dude's creepy wife, you immediately agree to stay over instead of being driven back into the safety of town.  Alright, we're all on the same fucked up page, right?

So we've got Jon (Bill Moseley) and his wife Lea (real life girlfriend Lucinda Jenney) and the poor-decision-making soon to be kidnapped young woman, Mara (Michelle Page).  After stupidly deciding to stay the night, Mara doesn't even bother to call anyone to let them know where she is.  Also what year is this that she still has an old-school clamshell phone?  Is she my grandma?  The dinner that Lea claimed to be soooooo delicious is actually disgusting.  Mara cuts her hand on a broken plate and instead of taking her to the emergency room, Lea decides to clumsily stitch it herself.  After ALL OF THAT, wouldn't you just walk right the fuck out of there?!  Mara takes a snooze instead.

Lea is coming off very Kathy Bates in Misery.   Is that what they were going for?

Jon is crouched in his tighty-whities watching Mara sleep.  No big deal, right? She apparently doesn't seem to think so.  You know that line in Scream: "The bimbo's always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door?" This moron repeatedly runs into a bedroom with no lock on the door, and into the basement.  Out. the. door. stupid. 

Then this movie just keeps getting weirder.  There's a guy in a trunk!  There's a wedding.  She's forced to rape her half-dead brother.  Someone is force fed ashes.  I mean, I sort of saw that coming from the beginning but whatevs.  The ending was just kind of whatever, although they did squeeze in a little nod to the incest that nobody wanted to see in the first place! 

I feel bad saying this, but I pretty much hated this movie.  Zero character development, and what was the motive for Jon and his sister/wife Lea?  She had cancer, right?  And maybe they wanted a baby or something?  What was the point of the weird wedding/rape?  Why was someone in a trunk?  Why was she sometimes tied to the bed, and sometimes just running amok?  I just didn't get this movie at all.  Skip it for sure.

The Walking Dead - Season 3 Episode 5

I know that the weird town that Andrea and Michonne are living in is called Woodbury, but I'd rather call it Twin Peaks.  I think that reasonably portrays the creepiness of this place.  Andrea is settling right in and having a picnic but Michonne is still so fucking pissed.  Philip is brushing a little girl zombie's hair.  Ooops, it's his daughter.  No big deal, right?  Michonne sees and she's like this place is officially crazypants.

Rick is going nuts and running through the prison killing zombies.  Daryl is like holy crap the baby needs to eat and it can't eat squirrels and stuff.  He and Maggie make a run for formula.  Glen and Maggie are the most adorable couple on the planet.  AMC, please don't kill these two off. 

Michonne goes looking for her katana, which has been the single thing she has been concerned with since the moment she arrived in Twin Peaks.  She finds it in Philip's office, along with some other interesting things, including a weird book with names.  She also spots some zombie prisoners, kills them, and sneaks away just as someone arrives to feed them. 

Michonne returns to Andrea and gives her one last chance to leave with her.  Andrea, in all her terrible judgement, is actually like, I still want to stay here.  Michonne walks away.  I'm sure we'll all run into her again.

Daryl and Maggie are searching a daycare for supplies, and Daryl is wearing a poncho!  Seriously!  He catches a possum and they get the formula.  Double score.  The baby is saved for now, but Rick is absolutely no help as he continues to completely lose his shit. 

Philip invites Andrea to a little get-together.  Seems like a nice little community gathering, but it's actually Merle fighting a dude with a barrier of zombies around them.   Andrea's all, um, I think it's a little too late to try to catch up with Michonne. 

Daryl puts a Cherokee rose on one of the graves, so we're supposed to think Carol is dead?  Did they actually find her?  The baby is crying, Rick is having a tantrum, and a freakin phone is ringing?!  Is this the only working phone in the zombie apocalypse?!?!?

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4


I feel really sad for the two inmates that Rick won't allow into the group.  I mean, come on, you've lost a lot of people and I don't think including two additional people would kill you.  But wait!  There are more inmates.  They are trying to lead the zombies somewhere.  Herschel is tired of looking at the top of the bunk, so he's up and about on crutches.  I like how before, at the farm, he was always bossing everyone around, and now he has pretty much no say in anything.  Rick and Daryl run this show now.

Back to Woodbury, where Michonne and the Governor are talking.  She hates most everyone, but she seems to have a particular distaste for this dude.  She really wants to leave, but Andrea's like come on, let's just chill for a little while and rest up.  I'm thinking she just wants the D.

Oh no!  An alarm is going off and attracting zombies from what seems like miles around.  The prison group gets overrun by zombies and T-Dog gets bitten!!  T-Dog, NOOOOO!  Everyone gets split up as they fight for their lives.  T-Dog throws himself at a group of zombies so that Carol can get away.  T-Dog, over and out :(  The inmates who desperately want to join the group help Rick out by killing a rogue inmate.  They're all, let us hang out with you now, plsthx. 

Back in Twin Peaks, Andrea is learning more about the governor.  His wife died 18 months before the apocalypse, and his name is Philip.  She's practically drooling.  Merle wants to go find Daryl, but the Governor/Philip believes that a random location of a farm is not enough reason to go traipsing about.  
Meanwhile, Lori is running with Carl and Maggie, and she's like, I'm having the baby right fucking now.  Maggie's like oh no, we need Carol.  Lori's all, this baby isn't going to wait.  She wants to push, but there's blood everywhere.  She interprets this as needing a C-section.  Guess she's an obstetrician now.  It's cool though, because she has a C-section scar from last time, so Maggie can totally just follow that.  Maggie's all, I'm not a doctor, and you're probably going to peace out for good if I start slicing you up.  I get the feeling Lori wasn't too psyched about continuing to live anyway.  She gives a heartfelt speech to Carl.

OMG it's a living breathing baby and not a zombie!  Maggie carries it out to Rick while Carl shoots his now-zombie mom.  Rick is FREAKING  out.  Great acting job.  I actually teared up a little.   Everyone assumes Carol is dead, just like they did with Andrea.  Thank goodness we have Daryl, because it looks like Rick is about to absolutely lose his shit. 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cargo (2011)

Human trafficking movies have always interested me.  The last good one I saw was Shuttle, the last scene of which totally freaked me out, and I also liked Live Animals.  Cargo has a pretty predictable backstory.  Some young girls from Russia get offered a modeling contract in America, as long as they fly into Mexico and get transported over the border.  Why would anyone think this is legit?  They all live together in a sort of brothel, until one day the main character, Natasha (Natasha Rinis) gets chosen for transport to New York. 

She puts up quite the fight, but no one is having it.  She gets thrown in the back of a van driven by Sayed (Sayed Bedreya) and takes off for Brooklyn, where she will be a prostitute.  She really doesn't want to take this ride.  She kicks and screams and even knocks the guy in the head with a toilet lid.  But he is determined to get her scantily-clad ass to their destination. 

Sayed has done this many times before, but throughout the ride, he seems to develop a bit of a soft spot for Natasha.  They learn a little bit about each other's lives, and seem to empathize a bit with the other.  However, that doesn't mean they would let each other off scot-free.

This movie wasn't groundbreaking, and the end was kind of meh, but overall I did like it.  Beautiful scenery, and it appeared like they actually drove the whole way to get the shots.  The scenes in Brooklyn appeared especially legit, and they even had an NYPD car!  None of this "Metro Police" nonsense.  It's no Taken, but a solid human trafficking story overall.  Available instant on Netflix.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum: Episode 4

I keep seeing things creeping up on twitter and the web about AHS jumping the shark.  I really don't want this season to fail, but I am really having a hard time loving it as much as last season.  One of the things that's really bothering me is that there are SO many freakin' characters, and I feel like we barely get to see them develop before they bring in another character.  I'm just having a hard time connecting with anyone, or really feeling anything for them.  I really can barely keep track of their names at this moment.

A new patient arrives (shocker).  This one is claiming to be none other than Anne Frank.  And hey, she recognizes Dr. Arden!  Because he was a Nazi at Auschwitz when she was there.  Sister Jude argues that Anne Frank was never at Auschwitz, and died in the attic.  "Anne" is all, bitch please.  I know where I was at.  Sister Jude decides to take this opportunity to try and get Dr. Arden out of her life.  But of course everyone already knows she hates him, so it only makes sense that she would spin a tale of him being a Nazi war criminal.

Meanwhile, Kit and Grace are getting hot and heavy.  She tells him her story.  Which is completely untrue.  She actually murdered her family with an axe.  Oooops.  They bang in the bakery, but are subsequently caught.  Those two have a hard time staying out of trouble.

Dr. Thredson has decided that he is going to get Lana out of the hospital, as he believes she is not crazy.  A bizarre therapy session takes place.  The doctor shows her images of women while feeding her this medication to make her throw up.  Aversion therapy apparently.  Then he brings in a dude and tries to make her happy by touching him.  She barfs instead.  He decides maybe aversion therapy isn't right for her, and he hooks her up with a sexy pic of her ladyfriend.

Dr. Arden and the Monsignor are apparently working together.  Ooops.  So much for Sister Jude's sexy thoughts about dear Timothy.  The police suspect Dr. Arden in the attack on the prostitute.  They also find Nazi memorabilia in his house.  Double oooops.  "Anne" swipes a gun and attacks Dr. Arden.  She demands he open a locked door.  Ahhhh!  It's Shelley and she looks SCARY.  She's no longer the hottest piece at the asylum.  Sad.

We got no check in on Maroon 5 and his weird wife this week, but I'm thinking they're probably dead.  Also, nothing too new on Sister Mary Eunice, except she chooses a large riding crop for the beating of Grace and Kit.  Because no one should be allowed to make "murder-babies."  Not even in the asylum.  Until next week!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 3

Well, in case you haven't seen the internet or a television lately, it's been a pretty crazy week on the east coast.  I was spared from any direct damage from Hurricane Sandy, but things were pretty much shut down here in the Big Apple.  I'm happy to see so many people volunteering in all the boroughs, and Scream King and I took some of the money we would have spent at the bar today and went and donated a bunch of toiletries.

So the side effect of all this craziness is that I'm slightly behind on my Walking Dead recaps.  Sorry.  But better late than never, and let's get to episode three, which told us absolutely nothing about what's going on in the prison, which made me a little sad.  Not that I don't care about Andrea, but I don't think a quick check in would have hurt.  But here we go.

We've got a helicopter and some army dudes about to go splat.  Andrea and Michonne view the crash from afar.  I just adore how those zombie carry their bags.  A bunch of guys in trucks pull up to check on the crash.  I feel bad but I sort of forgot Andrea was kind of dying.  She wants to show themselves and get some medical treatment and maybe some of these cute boys.  Michonne says no like always.  Until her pet zombies start making a bit of a scene.  Then she kills them like NBD!

Holy crap, Merle is freakin' back!!  He has some sort of bionic bayonet arm!  SWEET.  Michonne and Andrea get blindfolded and put in some sort of transportation.  They are in a nice place, where Andrea is getting medication, but they want out.  Merle enters, and he and Andrea do a little catching up.  They meet the "governor" and it turns out there's this whole little town here.  They can have a room, fresh clothes, food, and a shower.  What is the freakin' catch I wonder?

Why does this guy want more people in the community?  Like he's going out and seeking them out?  Wouldn't he want to stretch their resources?  We find out that this community is surrounded by barriers and armed guards, and they haven't been breached in a month.  There's a strict curfew, with no one allowed out after dark.  Some nerd in the lab is studying Michonne's zombies.  Since she hacked off their jaws, they've lost interest in eating, yet are slowly starving to death.  He wants to talk to Michonne.  The governor doesn't think that's such a hot idea.

Andrea seems to be settling in well enough, and I'm wondering if she's thinking sleeping with the governor dude might be to her advantage.  Michonne sounds like a broken record: "We want our weapons back!"  Who cares if this is some sort of crazy cult...rest up for a few days, ladies!

"My shit never stopped being together."

WTF?  Governor took those army guys out for no apparent reason.  What is his motivation?  Andrea asks the Governor his real name and he won't give it.  He says he has a lot of long days at work.  Apparently after his long days, he likes to sit with an adult beverage in a room full of floating zombie heads!  I just prefer Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, but to each their own.  One of the heads is the pilot that they were "trying so hard to save."  WTF?!  Until Sunday night!

The Devil Inside (2012)

Aren't we all a little tired of exorcism movies?  Especially faux-documentary ones?  Ever since I switched to one-DVD-at-a-time from Netflix and got an internet TV, I've been a little lax on keeping up with my DVD queue.  This floated to the top somehow, and after a particularly tough day at work, my husband suggested we watch it.

So, I'm going to be unpopular and say I kinda liked this movie. I sort of do have a soft spot for exorcism movies as it is, but I found this one fairly creepy.  The story is about a woman, Maria Rossi, who randomly killed three members of her church group.  Except we find out it wasn't so random.  These individuals were attempting to perform an exorcism on her when she killed them.  In what appears to be a coverup, she gets shipped off to Italy to live in a mental institution.  Years later, the young daughter she had when she committed the murders, Isabella, is now grown. She's desperate to find out what happened to her mother, and takes a trip to Italy to investigate.

While there, she finds two rogue priests that are into doing exorcisms that were denied by the Catholic church.  After inviting her to view a particularly disturbing exorcism, they express interest in meeting her mother.  Her mother is seriously creepy, and at first doesn't recognize Isabella, then suddenly comments on something she did that she couldn't possibly have known.  This woman really scared me.

The Catholic church has no interest in revisiting an exorcism, but the priests and Isabella decide to go through with it anyway.  Needless to say, it doesn't really go well.  Post-attempted exorcism, one of the priests begins to show some very odd behavior.

Transference is nothing new to exorcism movies...after all, we saw it in The Exorcist, didn't we? But I think it worked here all the same.  The end was kind of meh, but the short length of the movie was great in my opinion.  So I may be against the popular vote, but I enjoyed this flick.  It also made me want to revisit The Exorcism of Emily Rose, which I hated at first, but maybe it would have grown on me over the years?  Overall The Devil Inside was worth 1 hour and 15 minutes of my horror-filled life.