Monday, October 9, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - "Holes"

Beverly is getting in trouble at work for what her boss calls "fake news."  She's focusing on the murders, as well as giving Kai air time in his bid to run for city council.  She ends up getting fired, while threatening to tell everyone about the relationship between Bob and the young murdered reporter.

The underground group, led by Kai, hold their meeting, where Winter reports that the city council race is pretty low on people's priority list.  Kai suggests they kill Bob for firing Beverly.  And who shows up to the meeting but Ivy?!?!  WTF. 

Ally hallucinates that holes are in her skin and bugs are crawling in and out, causing her to aggressively gouge her neck.  She returns to her hot therapist, and it's revealed that they have been struggling financially for some time, and their relationship wasn't doing too well either.

Now Ally only has supervised visits with Ozzy and that's not really going so well either.  The underground group/clowns show up at Bob's house.  Is it just me or are these clowns getting scarier?  Geez. In an very odd turn of events, Bob has a guy hanging from hooks in the attic with a black mask on.  Consensual?  Not?  Guess we'll never know because Kai just goes ahead and stabs dude in the chest.  And Bob's death is not far behind. 

Meanwhile, back in the house that she hates, Ally sees Harrison skulking around his house even though he is supposed to be to missing along with Meadow, right?  Instead of calling someone of authority, Ally just goes over there herself, finding a grave with an injured Meadow inside.  She runs back to her house, and attempts to call 911, but after being told to wait on hold a moment, she uselessly calls Ivy instead.  Meadow comes banging on the window, and reveals to Ally who all is involved in this clown nonsense, including Ivy. 

Kai's support for the city council has gone up since the video of the clowns was released.  High on power, he vows to remove the "weakest link" of the group, who he conveniently has tied up and gagged.  To make up for running away before they killed Bob, Ivy needs to shoot the first nail into the poor guy's head. 

In a conversation with Beverly, Kai reveals the story behind the loss of his parents.  After a motorcycle accident, his dad became angry and abusive, and his mom killed him and herself in a murder/suicide.  Instead of reporting the death, Kai and his brother (hot therapist Rudy Vincent!), lock them in the bedroom, covering them in lye, and continuing to cash their disability and pension checks.  And Kai continues to visit them, Norman Bates-style! 

Sunday, October 1, 2017

American Horror Story: Cult - 11/9

This week, we revisit election night, when Ally betrayed Ivy by voting Jill Stein.  We check in on the other characters, placing their respective votes, including some crazy recently amputated Trump voter.  Kai employs Harrison as a personal trainer, then waxes poetic about LGBTQ labels.  After cleaning the steam room, Harrison sees the happy face symbol, then "catches" Kai doing a weird exhibitionist thing in the shower.

Harrison returns home to Meadow to discover that their home is being foreclosed on.  Him and Kai have a heart to heart, which is kinda odd after the whole jerking off thing, but ok.  He follows Harrison into the steam room and DRAWS THE HAPPY FACE.  Ahhh.  Egged on by Kai, Harrison assaults and kills the asshole manager at his gym.  Kai helps him to get rid of the body and hide his tracks.

Kai becomes interested in a disgruntled reporter, Beverly, who was harassed on-air, causing her to retaliate and be committed to psychiatric care.  Upon her return, she becomes frustrated with a younger, attractive reporter who is receiving more attention.  Fortunately enough for Beverly, the clowns, apparently led by Kai, murder her rival and the cameraman.

Ivy tries to convince Ally to attend a political rally with her, but Ally doesn't see the point, given that Trump has no chance of winning.  Ivy goes to the rally alone, where she gets groped by a man.  Winter chases after the man, and Ivy and her connect and have coffee.  They follow the man to the store he works at, tase him, and tie him up.   Their intent is to make him miss the voting period, and they promise to report his location to the police in 24 hours.

However, Kai finds the man, chained by one arm, and hands him a saw.  Someone watched Saw a few too many timesss.  So it turns out this was the amputated guy voting at the beginning of the episode!  Devotion! 

American Horror Story: Cult - Neighbors from Hell

In this episode, we have a new character and a new phobia - the fear of being locked up/buried, which is miraculously cured by Ally's therapist, Dr. Rudy Vincent.  Everyone rejoices in the success, until the woman and her husband return home and get locked in caskets by the crazy clowns.  Do these clowns have some sort of "in," or are they involved with the doctor somehow?

Back to Ally, who shot Pedro in cold blood, and will easily get away with it, since the cops feel it was completely in self-defense.  However, the community feels differently, and protests outside the restaurant, and deems Ally a "lesbian George Zimmerman.  Kai, previously her enemy, latches onto the fact that she killed an immigrant while defending her home, and proclaims his support.

Ally and Ivy's weird neighbors, Harrison and Meadow, visit, wearing sombreros and lighting into Ally for the Pedro incident.  Later, Ally and Ivy find dozens of dead birds in their yard.  Winter returns, at Ivy's request, but much to Ally's dismay.  Winter, ever the horrible nanny and person, lets a man answering an ad into the house.  Turns out he's answering a fake request to sexually satisfy "two horny lesbians."  Ally and Ivy are far from amused.

Ally and Ivy return home to find a guinea pig in their strict no-pets household and find out it was brought over by Meadow and Harrison.  Ally sees the chemical truck outside, that she believes killed all the birds, and tries to confront it, getting almost run over in the process.  Meadow does the weird pinky thing with Kai, revealing her fears. 

Ally, Ivy and Oz share a meal at the restaurant, and agree to let Oz keep the guinea pig.  They return to find the clowns' symbol painted on the door, and said guinea pig being microwaved.  Ally immediately suspects Harrison and Meadow and races over to their house to confront them. Ally then confronts the chemical sprayer, only to realize he is a clown.

Harrison plays the pinky game with Kai, revealing that he wishes Meadow was dead.  Ally shares her suspicions with the police, and they are interrupted by Oz, who found a video of Winter seducing Ally.  There is commotion at the neighbors' regarding Meadow's disappearance, which Harrison blames on Ally. Ally and Ivy return to see Oz staring at a happy face on the wall.  Clowns, clowns everywhere!